Choose the Shower Floor Tile Wisely for an Ultra Bathroom Ambiance

Among the essential details of a fully functional residence, apartment, home stay, hotel or business premises would be a well-facilitated bathroom with a transparent shower enclosure or a walk in shower perhaps shielded by curtains with a bench for a resting place. The walls, floor and fittings like the shower hose would all conform to a theme and color symbolism, preferably in light shades. Whether it has to be gaudy or realistic is a matter of choice, but lots of homeowners and designers opt for the mosaic shower floor tile. Small sizes are preferred like two inches or even smaller for safety’s sake. The floor may be sloping and the danger of slipping ever present. Arcs and curves around the shower floor and the bench would essentially require small tiles. Small tiles bring a lot of grout space and the result is traction that prevents slipping. Similarly, the edge of the shower bench needs to be curved too for a comfortable feel. The ceiling could be sloping if required.

The shower design would require some research, keeping in mind the space available and the other facilities provided like the vanity and the shower tub. Both tub and shower corner may not be necessary. Consider stone mosaic tiles to draw attention to the shower back wall. If you were planning a glass-enclosed shower corner, a dramatic impact would be created with multi-colored stone mosaics. If a curved shower bench is required, smaller tiles would be needed like the sloping shower floor.

If you have to get the bigger shower floor tile, consider slipping resistance that is indicated in letters. An A or B slip resistance rating would be safer than a C. If you fancied glass tiles, it would be like submerging them in the pool. Manufacturers and retailers specify such details.

Avoid clear glass tiles, particularly large ones, since they may trap moisture and look hazy. Smaller colored glass tiles would fit the purpose wonderfully and create a little fantasy world for the frequent showers. For the sake of variety, opt for a second and third tile pattern and size, material too perhaps for the three little walls. The back wall could stand out in a bright color while the other two could be plainer.

If cleaning is a problem, opt for larger slabs or glass tiles that make the job so much easier. Large slabs increase perception of fullness and increased dimensions too.